About Us

Oasis Commercial Roofing specializes in new or replacement roofs, but we can handle all repairs related to storm damage or deterioration on your property. With insurance claim assistance and a team of well-respected names in construction, we can assure you that your most valuable asset will be restored properly with one quick phone call. Oasis Commercial Roofing proudly serves the Metro East and Saint Louis area.

CONVENIENCE. We are able to visit almost all of our customers on a same-day or next-day basis to ensure that your needs are served immediately. With a construction background, Oasis provides the skills and expertise to meet all of your needs saving you additional phone calls and expediting your building project. Some roofing companies hire additional help when complications arise. We can repair your roof and address any other concerns you may have.

INTEGRITY. Oasis is locally owned and operated since 1996. Our families have worked in construction for multiple generations. We’ve learned what it takes to build a trusted name. Integrity isn’t just something we strive for; it’s something we uphold on a daily basis as we serve our customers. Oasis Commercial Roofing provides four dedicated professionals to manage your roofing project. They combine for over 60 years of site experience.

Nathan Headshot       Nathan Verning

  • Nathan began construction work at the age of 15. At 20, he built his first home with assistance from his uncle and parents.
  • Nathan started Oasis Construction in 1996, and now the family business proudly serves numerous counties in the Metro East and Saint Louis.
  • Nathan is a ’93 graduate of Collinsville High School.
Mike Headshot       Mike Verning

  • Mike earned his B.A. degree in public communication at Western Illinois University and played three years of professional soccer.
  • He began full-time with Oasis in 1996 after working construction during his college summers.
  • Mike is a ’92 graduate of Collinsville High School.