Banish Flat Roof Banes with the Help of St. Louis Roofing Contractors

Commercial properties, having no use for attic space, are typically constructed with flat roofs. However, flat roofs don’t have a good reputation when it comes to watertightness. Eric Reinholdt writes in that a flat roof’s susceptibility to water and moisture accumulation can be significantly reduced by pitching the roof to a scupper, an opening that allows the draining of water.

have your flat roof and your snow too

By definition, a flat roof is not strictly flat since it is constructed with a built-in pitch one way or another, ideally ¼ inch per foot. For this reason, some choose to refer to flat roofs as low-sloped roofs. However, commercial property owners do have a reason to worry; a flat roof with minimal pitch can make it easier for water to settle or “pond”, instead of shedding off like in a steep-pitched roof.

Commercial property owners in the Midwest, including in St. Louis, IL, need to make the effort to maintain flat roofs, such as conducting a thorough inspection after a heavy snowfall. Flat roofs are easier and safer to walk on than steep-pitched roofs, making an inspection less dangerous. However, a slippery surface can still create hazards for non-professionals, so it would be best for property owners to rely on seasoned St. Louis roofing contractors. The latter can not only do the job more safely, they will also be more mindful of problems like loose fasteners, splits, cracks, and blisters, which may otherwise go undetected by amateurs.

Flat roofs that have become extremely problematic will likely require major repairs or replacements by an experienced St. Louis commercial roofing company. A roofing replacement will give the owners an opportunity to install a flat roof that is more water-resistant. A good option is to apply Gaco coating which provides seamless insulation and waterproofing.

A flat roof is the ideal roof type for commercial structures. However, property owners do have to watch out for water ponding on top of the roofs. Fortunately, a reliable roofing contractor like Oasis Commercial Roofing can construct a roof to make it waterproof and well-insulated.

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